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Over 60 Years of Service With Integrity

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Hemet Escrow Company, Inc. is approaching its 60th anniversary as a company! When you work with us, you can rest assured knowing we have the experience and resources to aid you in the recent purchase, sale, or refinance of your home, business, or mobile home.

Hemet Escrow Company, Inc.

60th Anniversary

60 years of excellence

Hemet Insurance Company was founded in 1956 and provided insurance services in the Hemet and San Jacinto areas of California. President Mike McIntyre and Ken Hyatt began working at Hemet Insurance Company, and, after gaining enough experience in the insurance industry, they were trusted to take over the company.

Focusing on escrow

After taking over the company, Mike and Ken decided they wanted to sell the insurance part of the business but keep their escrow services. Ever since then, Hemet Escrow Company, Inc. has been providing high-quality escrow services to the Hemet and San Jacinto communities.

Strong ties to the area

Not only is the company connected to Hemet through escrow services, but also by ties created in 1886 when Mike McIntyre’s ancestors bought land and settled in what is now Hemet. As we approach our 60th anniversary as a company, we couldn’t be more proud to serve you and the community!

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